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 Renewal Procedures 

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Schinnerer's goal regarding renewals is for you and your clients to receive a timely renewal quotation - with an opportunity to review, accept and bind coverage in advance of policy expiration. However, quite often we receive applications very close to, or even after, the expiration of renewal policies. The result is that too many renewals remain unresolved at expiration. Your assistance is needed. We cannot quote renewals without a timely and complete application. Please review the following procedures:

  1. Obtaining a renewal quotation and binding coverage. It is your responsibility to obtain a renewal quotation for your client and to bind renewal coverage. We assist in that process by sending expiration letters. In this letter we provide:
    • Your client's policy expiration information, and
    • A reminder that you are required to complete a renewal application to request coverage for the renewal policy term.

    Typically, these letters are distributed 90-120 days in advance of your client's policy expiration, but it is your responsibility to obtain a renewal quotation and to bind renewal coverage for your client. Please do not delay your renewal preparations in anticipation of our letter.

  2. Submitting renewal applications. Please submit your clients' renewal applications no later than 60 days prior to expiration. This allows enough time for us to effectively underwrite and price your client's renewal policy. And it will give you time to review the renewal quotation, including the terms and conditions, with your client. Following the review with your client, you must notify us in writing of your intentions with regard to binding the renewal prior to expiration.
  1. State specific requirements regarding renewal. There are 8 states, AR, KS, ME, NE, NV, NM, OR and SD, that require special notice prior to renewal. In these 8 states, we must notify your client of changes on renewal within a specific time frame - see the chart below. In order to meet these time frames, beginning with September renewals, we must receive your client's renewal application by the requested due date. In the event that we do not receive the renewal application in time, we must send legal notice of non-renewal to your client, citing their failure to provide the required renewal application as requested and resulting in our inability to provide a quote.

    Number of Days Required for Conditional Renewal Notice 60 60 30 60 30 30 45 20
    Number of Days Before Expiration for Application Due Date 75 75 45 75 45 45 60 35

  2. Extending your client's coverage. We can help if you need to extend your client's coverage beyond expiration due to extenuating circumstances. We require your written request (and our written agreement) prior to coverage expiration or termination, along with your payment for the prorated additional premium for such extensions. Give your underwriter a call if you have questions.

  3. Termination of coverage. Unless we have received your written order to bind coverage according to our renewal quotation, your client's coverage will terminate as of 12:01 a.m. on the policy expiration date.

Following these procedures will help us meet the needs of and provide better service to our mutual insureds.